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The First State Bank ("FSB") Learning Center has been designed to provide the community with practical, impartial and non-commercial information about money management. The FSB Financial Learning Center makes use of unique technology that incorporates video, animations, gaming and social networking to simplify complex financial concepts for people of all ages. Developed by EverFi, an independent and industry-leading education-technology company, the program covers topics such as mortgages, overdraft and credit scores and reports. Take advantage of this new financial literacy program to take control of your financial IQ.

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  • FSB Financial Scholars Program for Students

    In addition to the FSB Financial Learning Center, the bank is also proud to be the main sponsor behind the FSB Financial Scholars Program, a teacher-led curriculum that includes six to eight hours of classroom instruction combined with an interactive online learning platform geared toward high school students. Also developed by EverFi, the FSB Financial Scholars Program is currently being used by a group of local schools and school districts in the communities that FSB serves.

    Interested in offering the FSB Financial Scholars in your school? Start by learning more on the EverFi Inc. website.

    Both the FSB Bank Financial Learning Center and the FSB Financial Scholars Program make use of the unique methodology developed by EverFi, a leading education-technology company. The courses include video, animations, gaming and social networking to simplify complex financial concepts for people of all ages. Topics cover savings and investments, mortgages, overdraft, payment types and credit cards, credit scores and reports, identity protection, insurance and protection, and financing higher education.

    Don't wait! Take advantage of this new financial literacy program to take control of your financial IQ.

    FSB Bank is sponsoring an online learning program developed by EverFi, an unaffiliated third party educational company. FSB is not responsible for the content of the online learning program.

    FSB Financial Scholars Program for Students Highlights

    We are proud to offer The First State Bank Financial Scholars program. We currently have students actively participating in this program designed to teach complex financial concepts through new media technology.

    Here are just a few things our students are saying about this program:

    Kaylynn – Winner of the 2014 FSB Financial Scholars Essay Contest

    "The FSB Financial Scholars Program has really helped me understand how the financial world works. At first I was not very excited to try it, but now I am glad that I had the opportunity to complete it. My mother had always tried to teach me about financial literacy in hopes that I would control it better than she did. I think it is important for students to learn about financial principals during their high school career because more often than not they aren't very educated on how to spend their money wisely, manager their money, and even save it. With this program they are able to get a jump start on a good future, which anyone would be thankful for. I see this helping my immediate future because my family has always struggled with money, and with the teachings of the EverFi program, I believe it will greatly influence how easy it will be to control my own money. There are many great tips and lessons on the program, not to mention that they make it entertaining, and easy to learn. Some students aren't very willing to try to learn, or even participate during the program, but this is beneficial to our future, so it is a good idea that teachers really advertise it. I would recommend to my fellow students to see the positives in the program, and try not to think of it as boring because you never know how tremendously it could impact their future lives."

    Catie -

    "I've learned plenty of important information from EverFi that will be very useful for my future. As a senior, I need plenty of information about the financial and education programs to prepare myself. I will soon be off to college, and I'll need help to stay out of debt. The first module I decided to put into effect was banking. When I first started working, I would just simply cash out my check at work. With always having money on hand, it was far too easy to spend it. I know I needed money for college, but I also needed a car to drive there. So, I opened a checking account in my name and started putting the majority of my check into that account. Soon after, I found a car and was able to agree on a price with the owner. I unfortunately didn't have enough saved to pay for it all at once. After discussing my options, I've decided my best choice was to apply for a loan. I have no absolute credit, so I didn't have a chance of receiving a loan by myself with the amount that I needed. I tried again with my sister co-signing and was able to get it. Now, with my loan approved, we set a payment plan that was suitable for my income. I started making payments, and I of course remember to pay it on time. The banking module helped me by saving a good sum of money and buying myself a car."

    Maria –

    "Not many students are given the opportunity to take a course like EverFi offered by The First State Bank Financial Scholars Program. Fortunately I was able to complete the course and I can honestly say that is has changed my life in many ways and it will continue to do so. EverFi is composed of various modules that focus on different subjects. All of the modules were interesting and they helped me stay focused by using games and examples that I can relate to. One of the modules that caught my eye the most was Financial Higher Education. Soon I will be headed to college and I want to be informed of all the opportunities and benefits that are offered. Loans, scholarships, money, jobs and debt is a lot for a high school student to take in but this module explained it in a simple way that I could understand. Two modules that will probably help me the most in my future are the financing and the debt modules. I now have the knowledge to go out into the world and stay debt free and spend and invest my money wisely. Even if one day I do have debt I will know how to handle the situation with caution and will know how to handle the situation. Personally, I recommend students to take this course because later in life this will help students through financial difficulties in their future."

    The First State Bank is proud to provide these programs to customers and non-customers alike to help everyone in learning more about financial literacy in the communities that we serve.